Steelmaster always up to date

In an age of increasing specialisation, it is important to support the wide range of specific markets for steel constructions. SteelMaster responds to this need by supporting special interest groups to enable its members to benefit from industry best practice and the joint promotion of the effective use of steel in the construction industry.

Our work ranges from new design recommendations and technical calculations through to more general aspects of construction, such as a health and safety project aimed at reducing the occurrence of onsite accidents among construction workers.

Our company has extensive experience of managing and leading joint industry projects including the securing of funding from relevant companies and organisations, several of which we have worked with for many years.


  • Estimating is provided by in-house personnel with more than 5 years of estimating & fabrication experience on average.
  • Fabrication, welding & prime painting are performed by talented craftsmen with more than 20 years of steel fabrication experience on average.

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